Having done The Phoenix Firewalk nearly a month ago, it has changed my perspective on life!  As a team it was one of the best bonding exercises we could have ever done, on a personal level it is one of the most phenomenal things I have ever experienced.
Barry and Marina are amazing at what they do. I would highly recommend this to anyone, not only
so you can walk on fire, but to receive what can only be described as a life lesson! Even my wife says I am easier to live with since I did it, and tells people it has changed me!

I have always got myself so worked up over the most stupid things in life. If my cup was to fall and smash, the world was over. I would never be able to drink coffee again. Now it’s, “So what, I will just get another one on my way home from that appointment I have been putting off.”

I have a phobia of flamingos, to the point that if anyone even said the word, I would shiver and feel light headed. I had a word with myself (so to speak) and applied the “spider theory” to it. I have now tested myself and now rather than grabbing the nearest cushion and cuddling in to it like a 5 year old girl, I can appreciate them for their beauty.

Sorry to waffle, but I wanted to share the impact it has had on me!

Thank you both of you.