Corporate & Team Building

Traditional team building doesn’t work!

One of the biggest challenges companies of any size face is getting their people to work together for the greater good of all concerned! We believe that traditional team building activities don’t help to create long term change! So what does?

Bonds created as a result of profound experiences are made at a far deeper level. In the extreme, tragedy can bring us together, as we overcome adversity together. We are not about to suggest anything drastic, but what we do creates a similar bond at a significantly deeper level, and when we bond at a deeper level great things happen.

How do we create this powerful bond?

We use activities that few people consider using in the corporate arena, that require people to really support their colleagues as profound change happens when they achieve what they thought was impossible! It’s during these times that the entire group dynamic changes with the realisation they are in this together, as everyone works towards a common goal for the betterment of themselves, the group and the company…

This is how we build unstoppable organisations!

As a consequence everyone becomes aware of that which held them back… limiting beliefs! As we systematically identify and dissolve them, and then create empowering new beliefs, this allows us to release their untapped potential.

So why do The Phoenix Firewalk?

This is not about holding hands and singing songs around the fire. This is about getting the absolute best from each and every member of your team many of whom may be doing just enough to get by because it’s comfortable, or because they think it’s all they’re capable of… but they’re wrong!

We can tailor your event to align with your corporate strategy, specifically addressing the challenges unique to your business or the role of those attending. Holding this type of event sends a clear message that you know what your team are capable of and you will do what it takes to help them get there.

Feet walking on fire

During the event, you will:

⇒ Have the opportunity to acknowledge your challenges.

⇒ Experience the environment for creative thinking.

⇒ Be asked not just think outside the box, but to blow the box away.

⇒ Be challenged to step outside your comfort zone.

⇒ Learn the tools to provide motivation whenever you want it.

⇒ Understand how own thinking affects your experiences.

walking on broken glass

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We are more than happy to bring the event to you, so your team have as little inconvenience as possible. Check out the FAQ’s for what we need at the venue. You can relax about the fire too…

When we bring the event to you we also bring our own surface on which to create the Phoenix Firewalk. As you can see here, the ground is fully protected from the fire, so we can build on pretty much any level, stable surface.

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