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If you want to give someone the gift of The Phoenix Firewalk, then you can now purchase a voucher, these can be redeem for any of our Phoenix Firewalk ‘Discover Your Awesome’ events at Balbirnie House, Markinch.

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Face Everything And Roar

(Paperback Book)

Certifying Master Firewalking Instructor, Barry Collins, shares his journey in to the fire and, like the phoenix, how he emerged reborn. Inside are answers to just some of the questions you probably have about the ancient art of firewalking. Share his journey as you Discover Your Awesome…

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Tales From The Fireside

(Paperback Book)

For thousands of years, stories have been shared, from one generation to the next. This is sometimes done as a way of handing down the history of the culture or tribe that shares the stories.Tales told around the fire are sometimes a way to entertain others, or to show prowess in some specific area, and the beauty of story telling is that, if the tale is told well, the listener can allow themselves to become lost in the tale. It is in these moments that the avid listener will no longer feel like they are being taught, instructed, or lectured, but rather are being entertained. These tales provide a way to challenge without challenging, to teach without teaching, to lead without leading. In short, to allow the student to become the hero in their own story. The tales contained within these pages are shared as much for the purpose of entertainment as they are for the purpose of teaching.

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