Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s some of the common questions we get asked, however, if you have a question not listed below, please get in touch HERE

Who can Firewalk?

Anyone age 18 years and above, and able to walk unaided across the length of the walk – approximately 10-15 feet. There are no ‘special abilities’ required, in fact anyone can learn, not only to walk on fire, but to become an instructor and lead their own events… Click Here to find out more.

Is firewalking dangerous?

Fire is an element of nature and so does carry an element of risk – that is part of the unique appeal of this type of event, however on the night, firewalkers will be coached on the best way to approach the challenge with the intention of having the best possible experience!

What is content of the workshop?

In general terms, the purpose of the workshop is to help delegates achieve the required state for firewalking. There are a number ways we achieve this and the content can be tailored match any corporate themes or goals. A standard Phoenix Firewalk event can last between 2 to 3 hours in total depending on group size and what comes up during the workshop element of your event.

Do I have to do the workshop to firewalk?

Simply… Yes! No-one will be permitted to walk without taking part in the workshop as this is an integral part of achieving the required state, as well as learning the required techniques and receiving the safety briefing.

What happens if it rains?

This questions comes up quite often (we’re in the UK after all!), and the answer is always the same… our fire team get wet! Rain, sleet, snow, we’ve provided firewalks in them all without any issue brought about by less that pleasant weather.

What does it feel like to walk on fire?

To start with, your not walk on fire, you’re walking on the coals created from the wood that will burn for over an hour in preparation. Many say it’s like walking on popcorn, or fresh, crunchy snow. Everyone has their own uniques experience, and a memory that will last a lifetime.

Why do people firewalk?

Why not firewalk? What thoughts or beliefs do people hold on to that make them believe the cannot walk over a carpet of glowing embers? These are the thoughts and beliefs we encourage you to challenge during the preparation to firewalk. The firewalk itself is an opportunity do experience something that you perhaps though impossible, and if you can achieve the impossible by walk over a bed of coals, what els can you do…?

Where can I hold a firewalk?

We have held many events at Balbirnie House in Fife and of course at the Firewalking Academy near Peterborough, however some of our clients prefer a venue closer to them. In these instances we will work closely with the organiser to ensure the venue meets our needs. Generally we require a room for the workshop that can easily accommodate the expected number of delegates, and nearby (no more than a couple of minutes walk) an outdoor area to build the fire. This area requires a minimum 10 metre radius free from flammable objects (sheds, trees, cars, etc) and water supplied from a tap. Please contact us for more details if you would prefer to use your own venue.

How many people can attend?

We can hold firewalks for any number. We recommend groups of no less than 12 as this allows us to maintain the integrity of both entertainment and safety. We can accommodate larger events for several hundred participants by arrangement.

What is the cost to host a Firewalk?

This is calculated on individual basis and is based on the specific requirements of your event. This allows you the flexibility to have as many or as few delegates attend as you want, limited only by the size of the venue. Please contact us for details.

Who manages the bookings?

If you choose Phoenix Firewalk as your firewalk event provider, you are responsible for ensuring your event is a success by securing bookings. We will be happy to advise given our experience and involvement with many events like yours of how best to ensure this success.

Who is responsible for managing sponsorship?

The collection and reconciliation of the sponsorship remains with charity / fundraiser. This way any funds raised pass directly to the beneficiaries.

Who will market my event?

This is your role in making your event a success. The relationship you have already built with your audience will greatly increase the response and engagement you get, and for charities, the funds you will raise. We will of course support and advise, as well increasing awareness through our own channels, however the primary responsibility for ensuring bookings is yours.

What does it cost to take part as a delegate?

This is up to you as the event organiser. You may choose to charge delegates to attend, thus covering your costs. If your event is a fundraiser, you may choose to have a minimum sponsorship target for individuals, from which the cost of the event is eventually deducted. We are happy to advise how you can make your event work best for you.

There are probably many more questions that we have not provided the answers to here, so if you have questions still unanswered, please get in touch HERE

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