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Barry Collins

Before becoming involved in the personal development field in 2008, Barry’s background was in sales team & retail management. For almost 25 years, he was deeply immersed in evolving technologies and the early days of mobile communications.

Barry & Tolly

Over a decade ago he came across the field of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) accidentally, and was immediately fascinated, and continued to be so until he achieved his Practitioner & Master Practitioner certifications with Co-Founder of the field, Dr. Richard Bandler, assisted by John LaValle & Paul McKenna.

After taking part in a charity firewalk, he immediately recognised the potential of the experience after crossing the coals for the first time. After training with one of only 2 Master Certifying Firewalking Instructors in the world, and the only one in the UK, he undertook the required training to ultimately become a Certifying Master Firewalk Instructor himself, with Tony Robbins own teacher & mentor Tolly Burkan, and The Phoenix Firewalk was born…

Fire Tending
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