Personal Development

Are you ready to discover your awesome?

The Phoenix Firewalk events help you to challenge your beliefs about what your capability, by guiding you through a process that will change what you believe about the world you live in, and about yourself.

DSC_7245During the event you will learn what has been holding you back from achieving your goals, and provide you the opportunity to overcome your fears & doubts.

The Phoenix Firewalk represents the challenges we face in life that seem insurmountable, and yet…

 Simply because we believe something to be true, does not make it so.

To help you realise just how much you are capable of, you are invited to walk The Phoenix Firewalk and, just like the phoenix, emerge renewed.

The act of Firewalking goes back thousands of years, sometimes used as a rite of passage, a test of one’s courage and strength, or in religion as a demonstration of one’s faith. Whatever your motivation, if you choose to take the Phoenix Firewalk, the way you feel after just 8 short steps, will stay with you, empowering you and reminding you of your infinite potential.

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