Firewalking Center LogoSuccess Formulae logoCertified by The Firewalking Centre & Success Formulae, Firewalk Instructor Marina Collins & Master Firewalking Instructor Barry Collins, will help you find in yourself all that you need to move forward, leaving your fear, and any other negative emotion, behind!

All our Firewalks are open to anyone who will raise the required sponsorship (where applicable). You do NOT need to be currently associated with the benefiting organisation or charity, just willing to do some good!

These events not only gives you the opportunity to do good by raising funds for a deserving cause, but to expand your own mind, and to discover just how much you are truly capable of.

During the seminar you will learn:

  • Fear cannot only be controlled, but eliminated altogether
  • All the resources you need to move forward in life are already within you
  • To reconnect with your own inner confidence
  • The skills and attitude to experience the Phoenix Firewalk


The act of Firewalking goes back thousands of years, sometimes used as a rite of passage, a test of one’s courage and strength, or in religion as a demonstration of one’s faith. Whatever your motivation, if you choose to take the Phoenix Firewalk, the way you feel after just 6 short steps, will stay with you, empowering you and reminding you of your infinite potential for the rest of your life.

#DiscoverYourAwesome Charity Santa Firewalk
Book Now For 25th November, 2018
5:00pm till 8:00pm

This is an opportunity for you to raise funds for whichever couse you support. Please aim to raise at least £50 for your chosen charity, but we’re confident you’ll find it easy to get even more once you start asking!

On the night please bring as much as you can to donate to Glenrothes Foodbank… We’ll send out a list of what they want nearer the time!

Whilst it’s not compulsory, we would encourage you to ‘dress for the occasion’… think Christmas jumpers, Santa jackets & hats (not santa trousers!), elf outfits, etc!

Gift Vouchers

If you want to give someone the gift of The Phoenix Firewalk, then you can now purchase a voucher which they can redeem for any of our standard Phoenix Firewalk events, without having to raise any sponsorship.

Simply click the button below and we’ll get the voucher out to you within 7 days.

£40.00 + p&p

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If you want to know how this type of event can be used to develop the performance of your team at work, raise funds for a cause close to your heart, or simply help you break free of your own limiting beliefs, get in touch…